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$155 value for only $124! Limited stock! The mail order gnome thought this one up -- take advantage before Kip notices! Do all of your holiday shopping at once!

Hazardous 1&2 CD (reg. $20)
Hazardous 3&4 CD (reg. $20)
Let's Drink! Haz 9 CD (reg. $15, replaces Haz 5)
Hazardous Sicks CD (reg. $15)
Hazardous 7 CD (reg. $15)
Hazardous Ate CD (reg. $20)
LIVE! At Teazer's (reg. $20)
But Seriously Folks CD (reg. $15)
Old Friends & Road Songs (reg. $15, replaces X-Ray Me)

WHOLE HAWG SPECIAL (9 CDs) Limited stock!

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