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Intro: "B.O."verture (Lucky West) 
Chow Mein (Lucky West/shelley Satonin/Tom Wolf) 
That Fat Gal of Mine (Merle Travis) 
This Ain't My First Rodeo (Kip Attaway) 
I'm a Boozer (Lucky West/Tom Wolf) 
'Bout as Much (Duet with Pinto Bennett) 
Bad Hair Day (Ruth Gibson) 
UPS Lady (Kip Attaway) 
Wyoming Road Report/Winnebago(Kip & Lucky) 
Where's Virginia (Lucky West) 
Promises (Red Peters)* 
The Lines on My Forehead (Chris Wall) 
Both Sides Now (Lucky, Kip, Muzzie Braun) 
My Own Business (Kip Attaway) 
Boobies (Ted Jones/Bruce Wallace/ 
Willy Braun/Mark McCoy) 
Mike the Tiger** (Kip Attaway) 
Political Science(Randy Newman) 
High on the Hog(Kip Attaway) 
Thermopolis (Kip Attaway) 
Get the F*** Out (Red Peters*) 
Outro: "B.O."verture (Lucky West)
*TRACKS STOLEN FROM RED PETERS! Funny stuff... check him out at:
**You gotta look at
***This is a family website, sort of. This representation of the CD cover has been edited to protect the innocent.


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