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Kip's Kalendar

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We Souped Up Jessie's Van

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Fishin' buddies? Kip and Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson


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Cool Axes!

Drums, etc:
First, A Little Percussion

Live Percussion. Wow!

A Great Drummer

My Usual Drummer

My Usual Drummer II

When Dummers Marry

Little Show Off


It's Raining

Bouncing Drummer

Drum Solo

Amazing Drummer


Strings & Things

Some Great Pickers!

Focus On The Music


Team Guitar

OMG. The Ventures!

Miniature Sergio

This Kid Ain't Too Bad

Sir Paul's Bass

Sergio naked. I KNEW it!!

Hire this man!

Kip's Bio


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Audacious Audio Samples!

Hello. I'm Outta Cash

Singalong: That's Amore!

Slingblade Soundman

A Listening Crowd

Rubbed The Wrong Way

Dog Friend/Cat Friend

Album Covers

Russian Web Cams

I Gots To Dance!

Blazin' Tassles




Fun with Russians

Going Nowhere Fast

Norman's Block and Tackle Choir

Ghana News Update
(Half Assini District)
 Real Idaho Politics

Pictures of Uncle Kippy
and Friends

The Whole Hawg Special
Updated to 9 CDs
at such a big discount
that it can't be displayed here
because Kip might notice!

Kip's Favorites List
Chad Lore
Fred J. Eaglesmith

HEY!  I ordered chicken enchilada, NOT chicken and chihuahua!!

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The KiplistKip has an email list! You'll get fabulously infrequent updates about his gig schedule and announcements about new recordings. Also, the Kiplist is the only way to gain access to Kip Bucks for cover charge & merchandise discounts at live shows. Sign up here.

Please don't email sales at kipattaway.com with personal notes for Kip , because you won't get an answer. The Mail Order Gnome lives there, not Kip. Please help the Mail Order Gnome concentrate on work by not adding the sales address to your Funny Forwards list.

Kip doesn't drive a computer, and has specifically asked that people snail mail him at the address below. He seldom visits the few computer-using friends he has. This will give you a chance to use up some of those old postage stamps that are languishing in your desk drawer, along with a...what do you call it again...?...uh, envelope and paper. Better yet, come to a show and holler at him in person! You can also try messaging him on FaceBook; he might eventually see it, if he talks nice to his higher-tech buddies.

Kip Attaway
PO Box 2667
Jackson WY 83001

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